Anansi, is the Ashanti/Akan name for "spider." Originating in Ghana, he is a fictional folktale character also known as Ananci, Aunt Nancy, Anancy, Hapanzi, Nanzi, and Kwaku.  Anansi, the spider, folktales weaved out of the imaginations of African, throughout Africa, to countries in the Caribbean and beyond...with all his insight, intelligence, foolishness and wisdom.   


Lil' Anansi Dancer


Keepers Of The Culture's Storytelling Village 

Philadelphia's Locks & Wholistic Health & Beauty Conference Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2018 


Kwaku Anansi, thee original Spiderman!

Anansi can take several forms, sometimes human, sometime spider, sometimes even both. Equally, he is deployed in many stories for different reasons. One can look into the morals of Anansi the Spider with the understanding the answer can only be a small piece of this fascinating legend.  

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"Aunty Anansi brings that mischievous spider to life with stories and song, and a taste of Ghana afterwards with plantain chips!  

A fun library or school event for school-age kids."

Ms. Gatto, Belmont Hills Library, Bala Cynwyd, PA 2019

Anansi & The Mango Tree

Original Song by Raffi

Revised version by Oni Lasana

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