GIRL FRIENDS : Oni Lasana & Nyota Kungaa

With Granny Goose


African American Museum of Philadelphia

Meet & Greets


Love at first sight, Las Vegas, Nevada 2004

Pre-School Sing-alongs


Your Child's World Day Care Centers, throughout Philadelphia with Oni as "Granny Goose"

May 15, 2019

Your Child's World Day Care Center

11AM - 1:00 PM

West Oak Lane, Philadelphia

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May 15, 2019

Your Child's World Day Care Center

Family Day is where you will find Granny Goose with her Girl Friend, Nyota Kungaa "Star Shine" telling stories, singing and posing for photos! What a special day for all!

11AM - 1:00 PM

West Oak Lane, Philadelphia

*!* How Nyota and Oni met *!*

In 2004 I went on an creative adventure to experience the wonderful, wacky world of ventriloquists at the  International Ventriloquist Festival & Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After a workshop, professional ventriloquist, CAROL GREENE of San Diego, introduced me to "my doll" in the vendor's room. 

Handmade with love, by master doll maker, Verna Findley years earlier. This beautiful little African princess was sitting quietly and lonely waiting to be adopted!  

I couldn't resist her! She looked like just like me! 

So I named her Nyota Kungaa (Star Shine in Swahili) and we have been "Girl Friends" ever since!

Busy with ongoing projects and invitations, I haven't fully mastered the difficult art form. But what the hay!...I do enjoy bringing her out and about for meet & greets, festivals, photo ops & sing-alongs with the little ones and for community  gatherings.

In Philadelphia, we enjoyed meeting, greeting and posing for photo's at the  grand opening for IKEA, West Park Art Festival, and October Gallery's International Arts Festival.

"I could be a major star, if only Oni wouldn't move her lips every time I speak!"....Nyota Kungaa

Meet Girl Friends : Oni & Nyota in person!

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