Spoken Word Songs Bass & Beats CD

Oni...is a four note wonder who is in the groove as she delivers original poetry with style & pizazz while jammin' on her funky little bass guitar, Ruby Red!

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Featured Poet

Art Sanctuary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Celebration of Black Writers, 2015


Oni hit the mic with "Love Must Fall" at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero in Clarksdale, Mississippi... Big T from The Family Band backed her up on guitar. Read about it in her blog; Baptised By The Blues.

Why I Write : Slide Show Video

Samori Coles of lil drummaboy moves melodically under Oni's mantra....why is this lady so fly? 

In flight & soaring!

Toogaloo University - Jackson, Mississippi

Blues Synposium Jammin' with the lengendary Ironingboard Sam on right.  (San plays his keyboards on top a Ironingboard) 

"For Colored Girls..." Anniversary Celebration

For Woman Collective Celebration - Philadelphia

Featured Poet - Tribute to Nikki Giovanni

Art Sanctuary - Philadelphia

Listen to Sister Wings @ Soundcloud

Sister Wings *!*

In 2016 Oni presented, Chicago poet and Professor Kelly Norman Ellis's poem "Raised By Woman" at Tomorrow's Girls & the For Woman Collective benefit at Venice Island Performance Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Adventures in Storyland

Soar with Sister Wings *!*

"If Unique Is What You Seek"

Available to host interactive Sto'try (Storytelling and Poetry) Gatherings for CONFERENCES, RETREATS, FAMILY REUNIONS, SOIRE'S, LITERARY SALON'S, SCHOOL POETRY CAFE'S, FESTIVALS and more!

Philadelphia ~ Coatesville, PA & Tobago

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