Queens of Storytelling Quilt by Mary Ann Grayson of Ohio USA

Queens of Storytelling Quilt by MaryAnn Grayson of Ohio

"My greatest desire as a storyteller & poet, is to highlight the fruits of the spirit in all humankind: Love ~ Joy ~ Peace ~ Patience ~ Kindness ~ Goodness ~ Faith ~ Mildness ~ Self-control and I may add: Self Esteem...sprinkled with reflections on life lessons & laughter. 

I also enjoy re-telling & creating stories to connect local communities with world cultures for peace & understanding."  Oni Lasana

"The wonderful song of the soul's high adventure" ... Joseph Campbell, The Power Of Myth.

patchwork storytelling tellabration 2018

In a special tribute to librarian & storyteller, Barbara Baumgartner, 

Oni tells to a kid friendly audience.

The Rooster & The Golden Button, a folktale from Hungary, from the book "Good As Gold, stories of values from around the world"  edited by Barbara. 

Keep A Pluggin' Away

Sto'rytelling (poetic storytelling) a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Tobago Library Services,  Children's Storytelling Room, Trinidad & Tobago 2019

Video : Shervain Joseph

Anansi song

Keepers Of The Culture's 23rd Annual Family Day 2019 @ Free Library of Philadelphia.

New Jersey Storytelling Slam 2016


In 2016, Oni Lasana came in 1st place in the Story Slam at the 24th Annual New Jersey Storytelling Festival at Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey

"Oni, you rose the bar!"....

Denise McCormack, President of Patchwork, A Storytelling Guild

Keepers Of The Culture, Inc.


Philadelphia's Afrocentric Storytelling Group, Pennsylvania

L-R: Caroliese Frink-Reed, Oni Lasana (President 2006), Charlotte Blake Alston, Jawara Bishop, Thelma Robinson, Abiodun, Pauline Cohen, Atiya Ola, Doni Johnson & Ron Carter

What's inside of you, will always shine thru!


Telling "Little Apple Tree" @ New Jersey Storytelling Festival

Grounds For Sculpture, NJ 2016

"Cause your a shinning star, no matter who you are"  Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire

Story time At Tobago Library Services 2019

Grounds for sculpture, NJ

Featured storyteller at New Jersey Storytelling Festival, Grounds For Sculpture, New Jersey.

Featured Storyteller @ The New Jersey Storytelling Network's Festival

Photo: Oni inside the art installation of Vincent Van Gogh's bedroom. How she was able to pose like a diva in the frame, is another story!

Storytelling : via Art-Reach, Inc.

"Thank you so much for coming to our group--you are truly a find and I am glad Philly's CSP (Community Support Program)  found you. You are a talented, warm and generous spirit and you were so understanding of our community.  Bless you."

Michelle Davis, MBA
Public Health Program Analyst Supervisor
City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2018 Seba Enrichment Academy, West Chester, PA

Denise Ray, Co-founder of Seba Enrichment Academy


Nana Oni shared tales from Liberia, Nigeria, & Gambia. 

Also, sharing information on her display of cultural artifacts from Zimbabwe & Ghana. 

Girls of Seba Academy


Enjoyed hearing tales of Aesop, The African storyteller and about Anansi, who came from Africa to the Caribbean to America, on his sharing wisdom with the world.

Nana Oni


Enriching the lives of young scholar's everywhere!

Stories from Africa, Caribbean, Europe and America

Will customize a storytelling program with a theme of your choice!


Oni retells a Nigerian Folktale

"Everything's Connected" & more stories from fabulous storytellers from around the world.

Listen to the whole series! 

Clik on the Story Story Podcast sign.


National Association of Black Storytellers

Oni's tears of gratitude, accepting the life membership award for her mentor, Diane Williams, The Storyteller of Jackson, Mississippi, from founders, Mother Mary Carter Smith & Mama Linda Goss in Richmond, Virginia. 

(Oni is also a life member of NABS)


Oni with legendary actress & cultural icon RUBY DEE

2012 : At Ruth Ann's Restaurant in Harlem, New York, Oni presented "Doin' Dunbar as 'Lias' Mother" at a book signing for the iconic actress, civil rights activist and author, RUBY DEE. "In This Life Together" was written with her husband, OSSIE DAVIS. 

RUBY DEE is also author of the best seller, "Two Ways To Count To Ten, a Liberian Folktale" and "My One Good Nerve." Ms. Dee enjoyed hearing Oni interpret Dunbar's poetry so much, she exclaimed in her opening, "I want to be like Oni when I grow up!"  What a compliment!

re-telling of a Hispanic folktale, "Second Language"

Why A Storyteller?


Martin Luther King Jr.


Dr. King's stories, sermon's and speeches changed a nation.

Listen to Oni's spoken word tribute to MLK Jr.

West Chester Community Performers


Oni's "Drama Mama's" have produced plays and reader's theater featuring African American literature for over 30 years.  

West Chester Community Performers are based in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

For upcoming performances "like" us on Facebook!

Storytelling friends on The Power of Storytelling

Diane Williams, Jackson, MS


"Storytelling can take you back to places you've never been before. So sit back and listen to a story."

Sharon Holley, Buffalo, NY


"Storytelling is the lifeline to who I am, where I have come from and what road I will travel." 

Ife Gail Young, Brooklyn, NY


 "I love stories that inspire, empower and teach, stories whisper a healing to the soul."  

Diane Ferlatte, San Francisco, CA


"Storytelling is an opportunity for me to preserve, reclaim and pass on the history and culture of African Americans  and others through the oral tradition. For me, storytelling  is an intimate way to connect with people, which I love." 

Karima Amin, Buffalo, NY


"Tell a story, 

save a life!"

Vicky Jackson, Tampa, FL


"Storytelling is Big Medicine, and Storytellers are Healers.  Collected stories go into our mojo bag, and EVERYBODY loves it when the necessary medicine is laughter.  BUT some of our medicines initially offend the senses when swallowed.  But it's still the cure... " Ase!


 A theatrical storytelling workshop & performance on how to engage and enrich audiences with characters and story development.

Featured on November 20, 2016





A theatrical storytelling delight!

Oni presented excerpts on a historical timeline of storytelling as NANA AESOP, 'LIAS' MOTHER, GRANNY GOOSE, to "story activist" MAMA EARTH. 

With a special introduction of the most beautiful doll in the world "Nyota Kungaa" from the "Girl Friends" program. 

This interactive workshop demonstrated Oni's secrets on the development of characters, story enhancements, and audience participation with the use of poetry, story, songs and props.


~ Storytelling Friends ~

Tobago Culture Festival


Glenda-Rose Nassoma Layne, Storyteller & Director of Culture, Tobago 

Dr. Hugh "Brother Blue" Morgan Hill


Oni, the Storyteller, with Brother Blue and his beloved wife, Dr. Ruth Hill of Cambridge, Mass. at The National Association of Black Storytellers Conference & Festival. Brother Blue (RIP) gone, but never forgotten.

Storytellers & Poets


Diane Williams of Mississippi, Mitch "Grand Daddy" Capel of North Carolina with Oni & Performance Poet, Lamont " Napalm Da Bomb" Dixon of New Jersey.

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