Oni as Granny Goose, Mother Goose's cousin!



Is a lively stor'try (poetic storytelling) family program for pre-schools up to 4th grades. Featuring the choral poetry of  Paul Laurence Dunbar, stories, songs and more!  This musically exciting experience will fly by so fast, but will be remembered forever!   (read the reviews if ya don't believe Granny's boasting;-) 

       Many of Dunbar's dialect poetry and folktales are about southern country life in America during and after the Civil War.  He was also gifted in his mastery of prose for young children.  

      In this storytelling program, Mother Goose's "cousin"...Granny Goose, sings, chants & raps Paul Dunbar's choral poems and animal folktales.  Granny's energetic style engages the children with a "call and response" storytelling that draws them into the story, acting out and bringing on the laughs. 

Children use the greatest tool they possess  for learning, retaining and simple enjoyment...not with TV or a video games but with good old fashion IMAGINATION! 


    Imagination guides us happily along as we journey "down on the farm."  Granny lives next door to "Old MacDonald" and right around the corner from her cousin, Mother Goose!

     Little ones act out to catch a duck in THE CAPTURE..."rap-sing" THE SANDMAN and JOHNNY SPEAKS...to planting a garden of love as we mime THE SEEDLING together.

     Granny teaches a sign language song on good manners and how to say "hello" in various languages. If requested,  Granny will bring along her little friend, "Star Shine" from her "Girlfriends" program to sing & share some hugs & see ya later alligator's!

   So give your little scholar's a trip of a treat, "Down On The Farm With Granny Goose" they will never forget!



 What a great time learning the poetry of the great poet, Paul Laurence Dunbar!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge...It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge" Albert Einstein 

Granny Goose & Friends

Macy's Family Day


Granny  with Girl Friend, Nyota Kungaa "Star Shine" and friends at African American Museum of Philadelphia 2016

KOTC Family Day


Oni served as the Creative Director and was featured in "Down On The Farm With Granny Goose" at the  Sunday's On Stage series at the Free Library of Philadelphia.  Produced by Keepers Of The Culture, Philadelphia's Afrocentric Storytelling Group's annual Family Day.

Shown here with Brer' Rabbit and also featured 

Keepers Of The Culture Storytellers.

Rutger's University Childhood Education Program


Granny's early days, got a lot of attention. Granny Goose was a regular featured storyteller. Who just flew in from a tour of the DODD schools in Germany to Camden, New Jersey!

What folks say

Granny Goose gets goose bumps reviews...

"Thank you so much for coming to my school to tell us stories! You were great!  My favorite story was the duck story, you told the story so well I could picture them  in my head with my eyes open."    

Corey, 1st grader at Mark Twain Elementary School, Heidelberg, Germany


"I learned a lot of stuff from you. Thank you for making my imagination grow because I had never used my imagination before. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things about the farm."  

Caitlin - Solis-Cohen Elementary School, Philadelphia

"I liked the program because the acting we did and when we had to help Granny Goose catch the duck and hunt the bunny rabbit. I like the poetry too because it was great poetry."  


Dunbar Elementary School 



"You are so nice. You are good at telling stories. When I grow up maybe I will be a storyteller like you. You are good at making children laugh.  I hope you have a great day. I would like to hear some more stories.  You are such a nice person."

Grace, - Duckrey Elementary School, Philadelphia


"I thought that the program was very good because of the excellent poetry. When you speak poetry you use your imagination. You did very well at that, I loved all of the poetry. I had a lot of fun acting the part of the dog."

Mike, Victory Elementary School, Lake Charles, Louisiana

....from youths & adults!

March 2, 1999

Dear Ms. Lasana,

I would like to say how much we all enjoyed your presentation this morning. The children were mesmerize by your stories, poetry, and songs.

One of the things I noticed about your presentation was the involvement you allowed for the children. It was wonderful! We would like for you to visit our school again. Thank you so much for teaching us more bout the work of Dunbar.

Sincerely, Margo Robinson

First Grade at Mark Twain Elementary School, Heidelberg, Germany



"The children and families at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are a unique audience. These times are most often accompanied by the stress of mixed emotions and programs such as "Down On The Farm With Granny Goose" provide an invaluable outlet from the stress of illness, if just for a short time. It is my hope that Ms. Lasana continues her storytelling with children in many other settings so that they may receive as much joy from "Down On The Farm..." as the children and families at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia." 


Stacy Redelheim, MS, CCLS, Child Life Specialist


 Dear Ms. Lasana,

      I cannot thank you enough for visiting us at the Olde City Senior Homes with our Reading Buddies. The children cannot stop talking about it. I have received numerous phone calls from parents wanting to know who Granny Goose is. Your program gave the children a chance to experience something many of them have never seen and may never see again. Thanks again!

 Mrs. Kathleen Borelli, Elementary School Teacher

Critter's Dance by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Check out Oni telling one of Granny Goose's favorite poems in the children's storytelling room at Tobago Library Services, Trinidad & Tobago 2016


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