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Public Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing, Visual Literacy, Theater, Language Arts, Visual Arts, American History.
National Standards: NCTE 1-6, 8, 9, 11, 12 

This performance workshop for students and adults, offers a unique opportunity to learn about the life and times of poet and writer Paul Laurence Dunbar(1872-1906), a major forerunner to the Harlem Renaissance literary era in America. 

Highly inter-active and enriching, it offers a diverse learning experience in the following areas of study; Language Arts - History - Theater - Performing and Visual Arts.   
Participants review, comprehend and perform the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar for its historical, educational, entertainment and literary value.    

Students are coached in reciting casually and  formally, allowing a complete overview of his poetry as it related to Dunbar’s life, his struggles as a writer and poet, and also the African American experience before and after the Civil War.
Knowledge of Dunbar’s duel mastery of dialect and standard English aides students to express themselves poetically. They will give voice to his humorous and dramatic work in self-styled interpretations.
Participants perform and recite two of Dunbar’s poems, in southern dialect and in standard English.  Dramatically and over musical arrangements of set to Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, Classical, R&B & African Hi-Life.   
Culminating in a school assembly or public performance by students.  Sessions:  to 8 weeks.



"Oni Lasana brings energy to the stage and in the cases I have seen, the classroom. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, fun and competent. She engages the students. She makes them proud to work with her. 

On a previous visit with my class she taught us all to rap "We Wear The Mask" which totally delighted my football players who had no idea that rap goes back that far. Seeing the young men and women light up with pride and knowledge was priceless." 

Poet, Author, Professor Nikki Giovanni, Virginia Tech University

PS: Thanks to Nikki, Oni recorded  Dunbar's poem, "We Wear The Mask"  in the award winning audio book, "Hip Hop Speaks To Children."



Oni Lasana guides participants on a unique storytelling journey. The re-telling of modern day inspirational stories in your own unique voice. Stories to engage, teach moral values, and end in "ah ha" moments.The basics on how to tell great stories is a 

primer for tapping into the story teller in you! 

Do you have a story to tell?  

Is it time to tell it?  

Trigger your memory?  

Re-ignite your imagination?  

Increase communication?

Do Tell!  

To your family, friends or the world.  
Explore how to open your mind, heart and soul to the art of storytelling.

For arm chair raconteurs, to a professional story teller in the making.  

Also available via Art-Reach, Inc



This highly creative workshop for anyone who desires to tap into the power of writing & reciting original poetry.  
Release the power within .....creative exercises will allow you to participate, create & activate what you want to say and how you want to say it.  Through the power of your spoken word.   

Allow Oni to be your poetic conduit & MC for creative expression in a "Spoken Word Cafe" setting.  
Learn to elevate your energy, expertise and stage delivery with all who desire to be  SELF-Inspired!  Empowered! Uplifted! Celebrated! & Creatively create with confidence!
From the power within, to the flow of your pen.
Heal A Sister, Heal A Nation Morgan State University, Maryland
Natural Hair & Beauty Conference Baltimore, Maryland
Locks & Natural Hair Beauty Conference & Festival Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The 13th Annual Woman Gather Conference at Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
7th Annual Colorado Woman of Color Conference, University of Colorado 


Brother Dunbar Poetry Workshop

A few of the talented 7th & 8th graders who hung out for the photo op with Oni and Ms. Kate after their presentation in Horsham, PA  2017

Philadelphia Public Schools who participated and performed the Brother Dunbar Workshop include; Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary, 

Duckrey Elementary School 

Central East Middle School

~ Your school here ~


Reciting & Rapping Dunbar!

Brother Dunbar was facilitated twice, for Professor Nikki Giovanni's English Class @ Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia


Furious Flower Poetry Camp

Oni facilitated the Brother Dunbar Workshop with the summer day camp students at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia



Wellness & joyful session with the 1 & Oni!  A highly creative and fun filled breathing, respiratory and mindfulness practice for all ages! 

Storytelling Workshops


Storytelling In The Moment

Oni's exciting workshop explores basic storytelling tips for telling with pizazz and style! 

Modern inspirational stories are re-told by participants. Aspiring tell!


Librarians are storytellers!

January 25, 2018 : Tobago Library Services hosted Oni's workshop with over 20 talented staff librarians in the capital's main branch in Scarborough. 


Educator's enrich storytelling!

February 22, 2018 : Oni with a few of the participants who showcased stories in Oni's STORYTELLING ANYONE?

"Once Upon A Time Is Now" Workshop. 

Educator's prepared to coach  students for Tobago's Annual Youth Storytelling Competition 2018. 

With these talented storytelling teachers coaching, everyone's a winner!



­Oni Lasana is the “host-est with the most-est”  guiding the sharing of poetry, prose, song or whatever talent is bubbling beneath the surface of your clients.  

Joyfully motivating and accompany anyone who enjoys “steppin’ to the mic” while playing back ground bass on her Ashbury Bass guitar or a variety of “old school” karaoke track for those who really want to show off! 

In between talents, Oni educates and entertains, delivering the classic poetry of Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Nina Simone along with Oni’s original poetry taken off her spoken word CD, Sister Wings! 

We can also open with a brief workshop on creating poetry and on how to develop your own style of performing OR what ever your talent is, we’ll have a great time, showin’ off and showin’ out!

Length of Program: 60-90 minutes

Maximum Number of Participants: 12 + up with audience.

Venue Requirements: Cafe' setting. Activity Room, Music Rooms,  Electrical outlet, Microphone & stand. Bring pen, paper and a fun loving, positive attitude!

See "Applause" page for review of this program from Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


"If unique is what you seek!"

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